Aeonica: The Lost Redeemer is Finally Published!

April 26, 2022  ·  1 minute read

I thought I wouldn't be able to publish the first Aeonica book until May this year, but my proofreader got back to me a few days early (shout out to Fabled Planet.) I compiled the final ebook file Monday night, and Amazon just accepted it!

Aeonica: The Lost Redeemer Ebook

I also scheduled the ebook for a free promotion this week, so you should definitely take advantage of that if you can. I've said it before, but my main goal with publishing was to reach new readers, not to profit more from my current readers.

However, if you're interested, you can still support the story by leaving an honest review on Amazon. Every single review helps, even if it's just a single sentence, or copying what you've already posted on Goodreads or Royal Road.

Finally, if ebooks aren't your thing, I'm looking into paperback and audiobook options in the coming weeks.

Thanks for all your support,