The Lost Redeemer

Aeonica Book 1

A librarian’s apprentice uncovers forbidden magic in a secret martial academy.

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Aeons once ruled the world. Now, their empire lies in ruin, and the survivors hide on the fringes of society.

Nahlia is a librarian's apprentice who's obsessed with Aeon lore, scavenging for hints of their legendary power.

But others are searching too, including the Templars who seek to hunt down the Aeon survivors. When the Templars attack her family, Nahlia is forced to infiltrate a secret academy and rise beyond everything she's ever known.

Author's Note

The Lost Redeemer is the first book in the Aeonica series, which began as a webnovel with over three million reads between Wattpad and Royal Road. The story takes place in a world with advancing technology, including firearms, trains, and airships. Follow Nahlia Cole, along with several other characters as they discover the lost art of Ethermancy and advance their abilities.

What Else to Expect from the Aeonica Series

  • A fantasy school setting
  • An interesting magic system
  • Guns, trains, and airships
  • A slow-burn romance
  • Family dynamics
  • Characters that progress from weak to strong
  • Treachery, spycraft and deception
  • Increasing stakes with every book
  • A massive world, and a story that spans multiple continents

What Readers Are Saying

From the worldbuilding, unique races and magic system, to the complex, flawed but believable characters, this story has kept me on the edge of my seat, chapter after chapter.

J P Koenig Author of Post Human

This is not enough. I want the next book, now. The Lost Redeemer shattered my expectations and tossed them aside, giving me one of the more satisfying reads I've had this year.

L Nimbus Author of Breaking Horns, Breaking Teeth

The story feels epic in scope so be prepared to buckle in.

Cale Plamann Author of Tower of Somnus

This is one of the best books I've ever read, and I am glad to see it is being further recognized! You have built such a detailed world—history and war—and two fierce characters who can stop it!

Tessalovesjem Review on Wattpad

I've got no words for how good this book is. I really love it.

Ally Thompson Review on Wattpad

Beautiful plot and character development

strigidae713 Review on Royal Road

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