Sky Pirates

Aeonica Book 2.5

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Three days after the Battle of Dragonshard, Thane Solidor returns home to claim his rightful place as king. But a foreign tyrant sits on his throne, and the loyalties of his betrothed remain uncertain.

With the help of his sister, Thane sets out to steal the land’s only functional airship and gain an advantage over his enemies.

The fight for Revera begins now.

Author's Note

The audio version of this story is included with The Justicar's Heir.

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What Else to Expect from the Aeonica Series

  • A fantasy school setting
  • An interesting magic system
  • Guns, trains, and airships
  • A slow-burn romance
  • Family dynamics
  • Characters that progress from weak to strong
  • Treachery, spycraft and deception
  • Increasing stakes with every book
  • A massive world, and a story that spans multiple continents

What Readers Are Saying

This is an exceptionally interesting and compelling story. I am truly enjoying this and look forward to reading anything else you may write.

Helen Graul Review on Wattpad

I'm enjoying this immensely! Waiting for the next installment with baited breath!

DJ Campbell Review on Wattpad

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