Aeondom Calendar

November 04, 2021

Aeondom follows an eight-day calendar with forty-four weeks in a year. The days are named after the seven Archaeons with the final day reserved for Aegon.

  • Vaulday: Vaulden’s day, the day of honesty. As the first day of the week, it serves as a chance to put past sins behind. Also serves as a common court day.
  • Raidenday: Raiden’s day, the day of strength. Favored by matials. Used for war games, trials by combat, and physical training.
  • Treluday: Treluwyn’s day, the day of compassion. Popular with charity organizations. Also used as a secondary day of worship in some Aeon chapels.
  • Kalanday: Kalazhan’s day, the day of passion. Favored by lovers and Ethermancers alike.
  • Vasheday: Vashet’s day, the day of justice. A common day to hold court.
  • Rivaday: Rivian’s day, the day of wisdom. Valued by scholars, and a common examination date for schools and academies.
  • Paladay: Palatine’s day, the day of perseverance. Used to reflect on goals and to return the following week better than before.
  • Aegonday: Aegon’s Day. The day of worship.