The Koreldon Calendar

November 07, 2021

The Koreldon Calendar was established in the Espirian state of Koreldon (formally the Koreldon Empire.) The original version of this calendar is still used throughout modern-day Espira, with modified versions used in Shoken and Cadria.

The Months

Each year is divided into six months. Each month represents a full cycle of both moons. They all have 61 days except for the last month, Hexember, which only has 60 days.

The months are:

  • Pritember: from Old Koreldon "pritus emberus" meaning "the first month."
  • Dosomber: from Old Koreldon "dosus emberus" meaning "the second month."
  • Tresember: from Old Koreldon "tresus emberus" meaning "the third month."
  • Quadromber: from Old Koreldon "quadros emberus" meaning "the fourth month."
  • Quintember: from Old Koreldon "quintus emberus" meaning "the fifth month."
  • Hexember: from Old Koreldon "hexus emberus" meaning "the sixth month."

The Weeks

The Koreldon Calendar uses seven day-weeks, and this remains the standard throughout most of Espiria. However, Shoken and Cadria use six-day weeks, dividing each month into ten weeks with the last day reserved for holidays. Many Espirians have also advocated for this change due to its logic and consistency.

The Days

In Espiria, each week is divided into seven days. The days are:

  • Irinday: named after the Angel, Irina. First day of the week.
  • Garsday: named after the Koreldon emperor, Garridan.
  • Narsday: named after the Angel, Naraura.
  • Hansday: named after the Angel, Haniel.
  • Kelsday: named after the Angel, Kelidor. The end of the work week.
  • Talekday: named after the Archangel, Talek. First day of the weekend.
  • Azulday: named after the Archangel, Azul. Last day of the week.

Shoken and Cadria use a similar calendar, but the second day (Garsday) is omitted.