Web of Secrets Characters

October 20, 2022

This is a list of all the characters who appear in the first book, Web of Secrets. Aside from the protagonists, I've organized the characters by location to help you avoid spoilers. (This is also a work in progress)


  • Akari Zeller: Akari is a fourth-year school student at Elegan High. She has dark copper hair, dark brown eyes, and black-framed glasses. Her grades are average, but she's taught herself hacking on the side.
  • Kalden Trengsen: Kalden is the top student at Elegan High, born to one of the wealthiest families on the eastern side of Arkala. He has short black hair and dark eyes. He's currently studying alchemy, and his parents plan for him to attend Ironhaven University the following year.


  • Magnus: A Silver who owns an illegal Mana Arts dojo.
  • Lira: A homeless Bronze girl who Akari helps.
  • Bedhead: A Silver who attacks Akari and tries to steal her money.


  • Tristen Stowell: A Silver student at Elegan High who attends Magnus's secret dojo. Akari hacked his school account and used that to learn about the dojo.
  • Darren Warder: One of Kalden best friends and informants.
  • Maelyn Sanako: Kalden's other best friend and informant. She's also a Healing Artist in the school's Mana Arts program.
  • Alec: A security guard at Elegan High
  • Zach: Alec's son.
  • Mrs. Hansen: Elegan High's Biology teacher.
  • Emberlyn Frostblade: A Gold student at Emberlyn High, and an Ice Artist in the school's Mana Arts program.
  • Grandhall: Elegan High's headteacher.
  • Mazren Clifton: Akari's foster father.
  • Noella Clifton: Akari's foster mother.
  • Elyna Clifton: Akari's foster sister.
  • Hana: Kalden's stepsister, a student at Ironhaven University.